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I got home at 4. There was time left for the office so I laid on the couch on my back. My knees on its hand making my legs hung down. I asked Lady Anna where’s Adam. He’s in his room. Putting a cushion under my head and closed my eyes.

“Aren’t you going to have lunch?” She asked.

She asked because I forget to take my lunch pack today which ended me in the cafeteria.

“No, I ate in college,” I replied with my closed eyes.

There was silence after our little conversation.

A song ‘Animal’ of ‘Martin garrix’ was playing in my dream. By each second its music was getting real, and I was awake as it was my phone ringing. I searched for my phone on the couch but found it in my jeans pocket. I lifted it with my closed eyes and muttered a low. “Yes.”

“Where are you, Miss. Troustkey?” It’s Uncle Wilson.


My eyes opened wide now. I glanced at my phone to see the time. It’s a quarter to five.

I don’t want to go now. I slapped my free hand on my forehead causing a face-palm.

“I will be there in minutes.” By this, I cut the phone and stood in a sitting position. My legs were numb from hanging. I saw Adam sitting in front of me on the carpet with his legs crossed and a huge smile reaching his ears. I asked about the reason behind his smile but he did not respond instead widened his smile. I turned towards Lady Anna who was still in the kitchen preparing dinner. She chuckled a little but there was no response from her too.

Why aren’t they responding?

I cocked my head in Adams’ direction. 
His smile is suspicious.

“What have you done Adam?” I asked directly in a cold tone.

Without responding he bends a little backward while resting his hands back on the carpet for support. The smile was not leaving his face. I knew he did something. So, I rushed into my room to see. Did he mess up my cupboard? He didn’t. I was back in the hall to check: did he break my favorite game CD. No, he didn’t. I again ran into my room to ensure that he didn’t touch my books which I won’t allow him to do. Not even this. What else did he do? I froze as soon as I reached in front of the long mirror, engraved in one on the wall of the room. I yelled at Adam after contemplating my reflection in the mirror.

“Adam!!  You drew a mustache on my face!”

I walked down the hall with heavy footsteps where Adam was on his feet ready to bunk.

“I am going to put you on the roller coaster which never stops,” I said in a vexed manner as he doesn’t like roller coasters.

“Woah! Mustache actually suits you, Levy.” He said and hide behind Lady Anna.

“Do not call me by my name.” I snapped. I utter those words only when I am angry. “Lady Anna catch him. Don’t let him go.”

She rose up her hand in defeat and spoke. “Keep me away from your Tom and Jerry fight.”

That’s not fair.

I ran after Adam. We’re having rounds around the couch.

“I am going to tie you in a rope and hung you upside down,” I shouted at him which made him laugh. “Oh! In that case, I will look like a pupa. I will break through the rope and fly away.” He said while laughing.

He is talking like me.

“I am not got going to let you fly.” I ran after him. He got caught easily and now I was sitting on him not forcefully though. He was lying beneath me where my legs were on both sides of him and his hands in my grip above his head. I opened my mouth to speak but before I could let out a word he spoke.

“Aren’t you getting late for the office?”

I quickly glanced at the clock its 5’O clock.

Shit! I wasted 15 minutes on this. I stood on my feet. “I will deal with you later Mister.” And rushed into my room where Adam shouts back at me. 
“BTW that’s a permanent marker.” And ran into his room before I could even turn to see him.

Another 15 minutes wasted on cleaning. My face turned red because of the rubbing and wiping. I quickly dressed up and hastened towards the office.

When I reached I saw uncle and Loren were waiting for me in the parking area. I parked my car, walked towards them and was greeted by uncles words “What time is it, Miss. Troustkey?” I looked at my wristwatch it’s quarter to six.

I said minutes but took an hour, now getting late has become like a routine.

“I-” I begin to speak but was cut by Loren. “Never mind we’re already late, now let’s go.” We all sat in one car, uncle’s car. A black Jaguar. Uncle sat on the passenger seat beside the driver and Loren and I was in the back seat. After a long drive we halted at a deserted place not fully dessert there was few houses and construction was started on our land. Now I am doubtful whether this plan would work or not. My observation commenced as soon as we reached. I spot a familiar kid and called him but he ran away. I begin to follow him until a familiar hand caught my shoulder which stopped me.

“Do not go anywhere,” Loren said pulling me beside him.

“But I knew that kid,” I said. 
He is the kid who was in the pizza shop along with that old lady.

Loren surveyed his eyes behind me but that kid was nowhere to be found “I cannot see anyone.” He said and added. “Better you stay along.”

I did what he said and after having a conversation with the workers we were back to our office. To avoid the boredom I took a French dictionary and begin to read. My reading was interrupted by Loren’s voice. I raise my head from the dictionary. He was standing against a big shelf with glass doors where all files were kept in it. Big enough to cover half of the wall leaving a little space between its perpendicular wall.

“Miss. Troustkey, come here.” Were his words.

I obeyed and walked towards him. He handed me some files and was searching more by pointing his finger at them and moving along with the row. I mirrored his action and walked along with him with files in my hand.

“Ah! Here it is.” He said and took out a file, walked towards his chair and sat on it.

“Hey! What am I supposed to do with these files?” I said raising the files in front of him.

“Keep them back.” He replied and started reading the file.

“What do you think of yourself?” I snarled at him.

Though I didn’t ask it as a question he answered. “Your sir.”

I want to rip his head off.

I sighed and kept the files back on the shelf. Dragging my chair a little closer to his, I looked in the file which he was reading. I cleared my throat before speaking.

“What does that file says?” I asked softly.

He stretched his hand holding the file towards me.

“No thanks. Please continue your read.” I said and moved back to my chair. I read many files since these days. Those are actually boring.

A door to uncle’s cabin ajar and uncle peeked his head with his hand resting on the doorknob. “Mr.Blake, Mr. Jaffery said he is trying to call you but you’re not responding”

“Ok,” Loren replied and uncle shuts the door.

Mr. Jaffery. I heard this name before.

I was in my thinking mode when Loren spoke. “Trying to remember the person?”

“Huh?” I turned towards him. “Yes.”

He took his phone out and scrolled some images, stopped when an image of a fat old man appears. He is as fat as Mr. Martin one of our employees. Old enough to be retired with jet black hair.

He surely dyes his hair.

“He is our business partner,” I said remembering him.

“So your thick head remembers him.” He glanced at me.

“Hey-” I begin to protest as usual but was cut off by him.

“He’s my uncle.” He said nonchalantly.

“What?” My mouth agape. So that’s why this deal was important.

“Yes.” He replied while examining the file.

I wanted to ask him about his parents but didn’t do. Instead asked. “Aren’t you going to call him?”


“Why not he was trying to call you,” I asked, confused by his reply.

“He lied.” He threw his phone towards me. I took a hold of it before it meets the ground.

“There is not even a single notification of his call.” He supplied.

I checked his phone. He is right.

“Why did he lie?” I was curious to know.

“So that I should call him.” He was actually replying to my questions but his gaze was fixed on the file.

“So, why don’t you call him?” I asked. This time he closed the file and stood on his feet. “Stop inquiring me.” Just when I thought we’re having normal conversation his cold mode is on.

His phone vibrates in my hand. He bends towards me, took his phone and walked away making his conversation inaudible. After completing his talk he picked up his coat and walked towards our private elevator.

“Hold on.” I walked in front of him blocking his way. “Where are you going?”

“I am off now.” He replied and stepped aside.

“No. Wait. You cannot go like this.” Now I blocked the elevator’s door.

I will be bored. You’re not leaving Mister.

“Step aside Levy and let me go.” He said in a petulant manner.

At least I knew that he is not going to push me away so I stayed stubborn.

“No. you are not leaving until I do.” I crossed my hands over my chest.

He ran his fingers through his hair just like Jacob and said. “You’re wasting time Levy. Now move. She will be here at any minute.”

As soon as those words left his mouth, the main door of our cabin wide open with a click sound. We cocked our head in the direction of the door with a look: we do have another door to our cabin.

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Darkness can be measured by the absence of light,

things vanish in presence of its sight.

It’s a feeling of not knowing your surroundings,

cannot see the color they hold.

When your eyes seem dead and scenes feel cold.

It is frightening when you cannot hear the chirping of insects or tick-tock of a clock.

People fear its presence yet, it holds a place in one’s heart.

We hide it behind, covering it with light.

Even the sun hide behind darkness when its night.

They say one experience light only in the presence of dark, their words are faithful.

As darkness is terrifying yet beautiful.

book, fiction story


Jacob my knight

Our chemistry practical last half a day and its lunch break now. I was so damn hungry as I have eaten nothing since last night neither dinner nor breakfast. Taking a deep breath I moved my heels towards the cafeteria. I stood in the doorway looking at the big hall with lots of tables and people sitting on their chair around it. Surveying my eyes to find food counter and saw people who were laughing and gossiping while others were just eating quietly. Each sight was giving me a new view. Woah! Those were throwing food on each other.

Just go in quickly, grab something to eat and you will be out like a whirlwind carrying food.

I scampered towards the counter. Before I could buy something someone tapped my shoulder by turning my head, I saw Jeal smiling at me.

Why she has to be here?

“Hey! Come to have lunch?”

Of course, why would anyone come to the cafeteria?  I thought to say but didn’t do and instead said. “Yes.”

“C’mon then join us. I made some new friends.” She insisted while pulling me by my arm.

“Wait. Hold on a second.” I forced my heels on the ground to steady myself.

“Please don’t say no they all are new to me. I want your company.” She said with please.

I sighed with a look saying: ‘Don’t make that please face.’

“Fine.” I agreed.

I took a tray with a plate of spaghetti in it and sat along with 2 girls and a guy whose hand was crossed with one of the girl’s hand. Jeal introduced me to everyone. I didn’t bother to pay any attention to her introduction instead started eating spaghetti to leave as soon as I finish. I gave everyone a look with a quick ‘hi’. My eyes moved from their faces to the crossed hands.

A girl spoke noticing my action. “He is Rob my boyfriend.” And gesture her free hand towards him.

He faked a move of removing a hat from his head an invisible hat I must add. And gave me a look with quirked eyebrows.

Should I act like bowing to him?

“Ok.” Was a simple reply from me and again I was back to my spaghetti until another girl spoke.

“What’s with Mr. Blake and you?”

My spaghetti almost jumped out of my mouth. Almost as I swallowed it before it could jump.

Her words appalled me. Trying to grasp my thoughts as my mind started to intellect things.

Why is she asking such a thing? What did she saw?

Jeal spoke instead of me. “What do mean Bretha?” Confused about her question. 

So she is Bretha.

I stayed quiet thinking: there is nothing between us except he works with me in my office sharing the same cabin.

“I want to know too.” Another girl, girlfriend of Rob spoke now. “You slept in his cabin.”

“I slept while doing my math work.” I corrected her sentence not liking the way how she presented it.

“So you did sleep in his cabin,” Rob said while bending a little forward to face me.

What’s the big deal? I was tired, that’s it.

“What happens then?” Bretha asked all excited.

“Is there something to happen?” I suspired.

“Ooh! Levy, he is-“Rob’s girlfriend was saying something but was interrupted by a familiar voice that came from behind me.

Jacob my knight in white shining armorWhite because he was wearing a white T-shirt but not shining. I laughed internally at my thought. But he did save me from this stupid conversation and I wanted to hug him for this.

“Jake.” I stood on my feet. The tray in my hand with left spaghetti in it. “I am so sorry I didn’t meet you in the break just as I promised.”

“Promised? When?” Jacob asked with confusion.


“I apologize already,” I said while putting the tray away on the used side and added. “Now let’s go.” Whilst pulling him out of the cafeteria by his arm.

I said a quick bye to Jeal and we were out. Taking a deep breath I explained confused Jacob about the situation.

“To free myself from them I pretended.” But his confusion soon changed to worry.

“Levy,” He said in a soft voice. Meeting my eyes with his worrying one.

“What? Wait. Did you come to meet Jeal?” I asked not knowing his confusion and worry.

“No Levy. I was searching for you.” He said in the same soft voice and step forward.

“My Knight was searching me.”

“Levy.” He walked closer and kept his palm on my forehead brushing my hair aside and supplied. “Are you alright? Do you have a fever?”

I know why he reacted this way. I never say such things as ‘my knight’.

“I am fine Jake. I was just kidding.” I said while moving his hand.

“No. Since few days your missing homework, coming late to college, wasn’t home at evening, and now was in the cafeteria.” He said while counting things on his fingers.

“I am fine Jake. You don’t have to worry.” I said acting all normal.

“No. You’re not and I am worried.” He said frowning at me.

“Why you’re searching for me,” I asked completely changing the topic.

“Mother told she will be free today. So do you want to come to practice?” He said running his fingers through his hair which mean he is still worried.

His mother teaches me a piano. Only when she is free. I love playing the piano how black and white keys form a colorful melody. Sometimes life feels like a piano where black keys are the bad moment and white are good. When played together create a melody. Likewise, these moments keep our life running.

“Sure. Why not?” I smiled at him to release his worry a little.

No, I can’t. I am grounded, how I can forget about that. And today I have to be at 5 in the office.

“I cannot Jacob,” I said slowly.

I know this increased his worry. I know him since I was a kid. I know when he worries and when not.

He didn’t respond instead leaned on the side wall resting his shoulder on it and sighed.

“Hey-hey! I am just grounded you know since that race.” I waved the matter in the air. “So nothing to worry about it.” I smiled, patting his cheek.

In response, he pushed me against the wall while putting his hand beside my head.

Without our realization break ends and we’re alone standing in the corridor.

He whispered near my ear. “I am trusting you. If I find anything suspicious, I will break my army into your house and search till I get a little evidence as I can.”

Pushing him away I straighten myself in an attention position with my hand giving him a salute I spoke. “Yes, commando. Just as you wish commando.” After a couple of seconds, we burst into laughter.

We use to play soldier and commando when we were kids and he always used to take the superior role. I never mind that though. We walked to our next class. I glanced at Jacob, he was normal. Walking with his hands shoved in his Jeans pockets. The class was already started and Loren was teaching. As we stepped in he shouted. “Out.” we obeyed his command and were standing out of the class laughing. We’re laughing a lot today.

“Shall we go somewhere?” Jacob asked.

“Where somewhere?” I asked.

“Let’s race till the main gate.” He said all excited.

“Try not to lose.”

We started counting down from 3 to 1. Jacob took the lead then slowed down a little to catch my speed and I passed him giving a devilish grin. But he won and caught me when I reach the gate breathing heavily.

“Take a breath. Don’t fall here.” His words coming out along with heavy breathes.

I put my hands on my knees for support and was breathing heavily. Walked beside the wall of the gate I leaned back on it with my hands resting on my waist. “We raced after a long time.”

“Yes, old lady.” He teased me as I was breathing hard.

“I am not old you are good at sports unlike me.” I snapped which made him laugh. We slowly walked to our next class on time where Loren gave us a cold look which we ignored.

College ended after two classes. While I was leaving saw a kid standing near the gate. I recognized him as soon as I saw him. It seems that he was looking for someone. I tapped on his shoulder which made him turned towards me. “You really do study here,” Luke said.

As if I was lying.

“What brought you here?” I asked.

“I just wanted to thank you properly for saving me yesterday.” He said standing straight.

“Oh! You don’t have to.” In spite of my words, he bowed a little with thank you.

“Hold on. Stand straight. You really don’t need to.”

Wow! So mannered.

He straightened him while I smile and spoke. “If you need any book to read, ask me anytime.”

“I will.” He smiles back at me. With that, I left him after a quick wave.

book, fiction story


Chemistry practical

I sat there thinking about tomorrow’s chemistry practical while having a little glance at Loren. He was busy reading or seeing whatever he was doing with the file.

I can ask him. He is my chemistry teacher after all.

I walked towards him slowing not in a disturbing manner. Without me uttering a word he asked.

“What is it, Miss. Troustkey?” His eyes were fixed on the file.

“I-well. Would you mind helping me a little?” I asked nervously.

Why am I behaving like this?

He did not respond to my words. I cleared my throat to gain his attention and spoke again.

“Will you help me a little? If you have finished looking at the file.” I asked very politely.

“Correct your sentence.” He said nonchalantly. His eyes still fixed on the file.

What’s wrong with my sentence?

Oh! You!

“Will you help me a little, if you have finished looking at the file, Sir.” I corrected stressing the word ‘sir’.

“Sure.” He closed the file and stood up while turning his head to face me with ‘what help?’ look on his face.

“For tomorrow’s chemistry practical,” I said each word slowly.

“Get a book and a pen.” He walked towards the sofa and sat on it.

I did what he asks for. Took a book a pen and sat beside him. He kept the opened book between us and wrote some Alphabets and numbers as a base to it.

“What is this?”

“A chemical formula,” I answered.


“I don’t know.”

He sighed in disbelief and wrote 30 elements and their formulas.

“Learn them. Now.”

“But why? I don’t want to learn this. I want you to tell me about tomorrow’s practical not these basics.” I protested.

“I am your sir. Not vice versa.” He said coldly which made me obey his command.

Half an hour passed, and I wasn’t able to remember any of these words.

I should try some trick to remember it.

Within 10-12 minutes I learned all of these names and their formula.

“Completed sir,” I said all excited. This time I didn’t mind calling him sir.

He took the book and asked me to say.

“H He Li B BeC……………Fe Co Ni CuZn” I ended up saying all formulas in a single tone.

“What language did you speak Miss. Troustkey?” He asked while quirking his eyebrow.

“Chemistry sir,” I said smiling.

“You used your thick head.” his lips turned into a little smirk.

“I don’t have a thick head.” My smile washed off and I sat frowningly.

This continued for a while which made me feel sleepy. I went to the washroom to wash my face and kept the bag in the cupboard which I brought along. After washing my face, I ordered a cup of coffee. Not a cup, but two for both of us and sat again.

There was a knock on the door and our coffee arrived.

I took my cup and gave him his. He glanced at the cup but didn’t take it.

“What?” I asked while holding the cup in front of him.

“I don’t drink coffee.” He said and resumed his writing. Probably next question for me.

“Why?” I asked.

“Simple. Because I don’t like coffee.” His eyes met mine for a second and again shifted back on the book.

Weird. Who doesn’t like coffee?

“Bring me a cup of tea.” He demanded.

“Excuse me?” I put the cup on the table with a loud sound. “Drink it. Else, go have on your own.” And sat on the sofa with my cup.

“You are not excused and serve me properly. I don’t like misbehavior.” He said coldly while handing me the book.

Serve? Is he really saying serve?

“I am not going to serve you, Mr. Blake.” I snapped while taking a sip of coffee.

I said it but was afraid a bit of his reaction

He dragged his form close whilst took the cup from my hand. And with a swift moment cough my carpus tightly. I squirmed my hand to loosen his grip unsuccessfully. Even my free hand wasn’t useful.

“You are forgetting things recently, is your brain fine in that head of yours.” He asked in a low, slow voice and continued to speak further. But I cut him off. “My brain is completely fine in my head”

This voice of his brings gelidity in me.

I stood up quickly but he didn’t free my hand. “Will you leave my hand so that I can order a cup of tea?” I gesticulated my head towards our hands.

Time passed and we made ourselves ready to leave. I took my private elevator to leave not before Loren stopped it by placing his leg in the doorway.

“Now what?” I asked lethargically. 
He walked inside without any reply.

What does he want now?

“Why are you here?” I didn’t have any energy left to argue with him. 
“Why does someone uses an elevator, Miss. Troustkey?” He asked Monotonously.

“I know why. But why this one?” I snapped. “This is my personal elevator.” And supplied.

“Everything which belongs to you is mine. My slave.” He said in the same low voice.

My slave?

His voice twinges like a needle through my skin. I stayed quiet without responding to his words to avoid further conversation and I am sure he is having a little smirk on his lips. So, better not to face him.

I got home after half an hour took a long bath and laid heavily on my bed. My phone rang with notifications. There were two missed calls from brother. I called him back.

“Who was that kid in the playground Levy?”

His question didn’t surprise me but I asked mine. “How do you know?”

Of course, he knew as he already said he is keeping an eye on us ‘an eagle’s eye’

“Do you know him?” He asked in a serious tone.

“No. I mean yes. I know him now.” I utter the words confusion.

Stupid me.

He hung off the phone with a warning of not to interact with the stranger or else he will appoint me a bodyguard.

This is too much. What does he think? Why would I need a bodyguard? I am not going to have any.

I sighed and threw my phone on the pillow. My eyelids felt heavy and begin to shut down. Without even realizing where Adam was I fell asleep.

I woke up to the call of Jacob.

Why would he call me early in the morning?

“Hmm,” I mutter in half sleep.

“Where are you?” His voice was momentous.

“On the bed,” I answered frivolously.

“Levy! What’s the time?” He snapped.

And then I noticed it’s 9 in the morning.

“Oh! Crap. I will be there in minutes.” I shut the phone quickly and ran towards Adam’s room. He was sleeping peacefully until I disturbed his sleep.

“Adam wake up!”

He tugged his head under the pillow and spoke. “Why?”

“For school.” I walked to his bed.

“But I don’t have school today.” He said without moving a bit.

“And why is that so?”

“My assessments finished yesterday. So, I have a holiday today.” He covered himself with a blanket.

“Oh! Ok.” I left his room. He didn’t come to my room last night. After getting dressed in blue jeans paired with black full sleeves T-shirt I made a quick way towards the college.

I arrived in 10 minutes and rushed to our chemistry lab. Halted when I reached the door. Breathing heavily I placed my hand on the door frame for support. As I stepped in Loren spoke. Standing exactly in front of me on either side.

“You are late, Miss. Troustkey.”

“I know. I am sorry.” It’s better to accept your mistake instead of arguing.

“Take your place and start doing the experiment.” He said gesturing to the corner table.

Everyone had already started their work. I quickly walked to my table, picked up the question paper and started reading it.

What is this? 
How do I change a colorless liquid into pink?

I turned my head in the direction of Loren with a question on my face.

He did not react to my action though he read my question face completely.

He is not going to help for sure. Of course, why would he?

Instead of expecting any help I concentrated on my paper. After many attempts in my mind, I finally got it.

I started my work where Loren was having rounds around each table to check on everyone’s work. When he arrived at my table, I was pipetting a solution from the beaker. Holding the pipette in one hand and a test tube in another. Some strands of my hair were falling from my shoulder as my head was bent forward.

Hair don’t you touch the solution in the beaker.

I tried to flip my hair back, but my movements cause it to fall even further. Then I felt warm fingers stroked my cheek. Slid through the side of my neck to my nape and ended up placing my hair back. Knowing exactly whose fingers were these, I stayed still without turning. My heart beat speed up a little where I could feel my cheeks getting warm and my mind started wandering things.

Do not mess up the experiment Levy. Concentrate. Did anyone saw him?

“Tie your hair next time.” His stable and calm voice interrupted my thoughts. I affirmatively nodded and he moved to the next table. I completed my experiment as composedly as I can. Finally got the pink color, not the accurate pink but pink.



Kindness is present in all of us,
But the level may differ for everyone,
Some may have a half of cup,
while others may have a full of a mug. 
It can heal a wounded heart, 
And repairs a bleeding scar. 
A little kindness will leave a spark, 
Behind a person’s act of art. 
Though it doesn’t have a language, 
It can be understood by a child,
Can be seen by a blind. 
It can be heard by the deaf, 
And can be spoken by a dumb.
A simple smile with a kind vibe, 
can mean the world in other’s life.

book, fiction story


Full book availaible on Amazon Kindle


I went home, had my lunch and was trying to study chemistry unsuccessfully might I add. This part of chemistry is different from the equalization one. We have lab practical tomorrow and I don’t know a single thing about it.

“Ahh!” I sighed and rested my head back on the chair. Swinging on the chair with my hands resting on the study table for the support I was wondering what to do.

“Levy! I need your help.” Adam shouted from the living room in a voice that really needed help.

I hastened towards the hall thinking he might get hurt or something.

‘Wow!’ He is completely fine sitting on the couch playing a video game!

“What is it, Adam?” I asked. 
He turned towards me with a smile and said. “Come here soon.” Tapping on the couch beside him.

His smile always melts my anger.

I sat beside him. He threw a joystick at me and said without looking away from the screen.

“Handle this car till I shoot.”

He changes the single player mode to a duel.

“Is that why you called me?” I asked and paused the game.

“Of course.” He said and resumed the game.

“That’s not the way to call someone for PLAYIN A GAME.” I said stressing on words ‘playing a game’ and paused again.

“Doesn’t matter. Now play please.” He resumed again.

We played the game until it was time for me to go to the office. I dressed in a suit this time black along with a tie. Trussed my hair into the same bun, puts on my fake glasses and took a bag with three suits inside. If I get a situation like yesterday, I can change there.

On my way, I saw some kids on a playground who were bullying a kid. I thought to go and help but stayed in my car and drove it in the playground as I can’t handle them by myself. To gain their attention, I flashed the headlight on them.

“Who’s there?” One of the kids asked.

“Leave the boy alone.” I hollered from the car.

“It’s a girl in the car.” Another kid said while narrowing his eyes to see through black glasses.

None of them moved from their spot. So, I rammed the car against one of the boys just to scare him not hurt. He took a step back on my action.

“Hey! Are you trying to kill us?” The third boy yelled at me.

Not at all. I am just scaring you.

I didn’t respond instead turned my car in his direction.

“She’s mad.” The fourth boy shouted.

They were four against one. Bad.

Now I was following each boy one after another until they ran screaming. I halted my car in front of the kid and stepped out. He was sitting on his knees with a book pressed against his chest in folded arms.

“Hey, Kid.” I looked down at him.

He is almost 14 years old with brown wavy hair which covered his forehead. From the top, his jaw appeared curve which gave his face a round shape.

He raised his head to meet my gaze. and stood on his feet. He has brown eyes. I handed him a water bottle and asked his name.

“Luke.” He said after he drank the water.

“Why were they bullying you?” I asked out of my curiosity.

“Because I am poor.” He said simply as if it always happens to him while dusting his clothes.

I was quiet for a moment then spoke
“Just because you are poor?”

“Yes.” He answered tamely.

I didn’t know what to say now. So, I changed the topic.

“So, you like reading books,” I said in a cheerful tone.

“Yes.” He replied while holding the book in front of me.

I recognized the book it’s ‘The wind in the willows’ whose author is ‘Kenneth Grahame.’

“It’s a good book,” I said with a smile.

“Do you read it?” He asked with a beaming smile.

“Yes. I did.” I responded.

“I really liked this book. I want to be a great writer one day.” He said with full of excitement.

“That’s a good thing,” I said and remembered I was getting late for the office.

“Listen. If you need anything come to Carrollton High at 4 pm.” I said and sat in the car.

“The college where rich kids go?” He asked.

Rich kids? Well, it is.

“Yes,” I said and drove straight to the office.

As usual, I took my private elevator and landed in my cabin. When I entered I saw Loren was already sitting on the sofa reading a newspaper.

He is already here.
It’s 8:10 pm.

I walked towards him. His face tilted in my direction by the sound of my footsteps. His jaw almost dropped almost as he managed to position it. And the eyes were wide open. As if he never saw a girl in a suit.

I cleared my throat and said. “Haven’t seen a female in a suit.”

I didn’t ask it as a question yet he answered “No. I did see ladies in suits.” He stood up, walked closely beside me in opposite direction and whispered near my ear. “But girl.” And sat on the chair.

He again indirectly mentioned me as a small girl. I turned around to respond but didn’t as I saw Loren was sitting on an employer chair. Not mine but another.

Why are there two employer chairs?

Uncle entered with some papers in his one hand and file in another. Loren signed on the papers, so did I. He said: ‘Loren is going to work with us in the same office.’ And kept the file on the table before leaving.

Same office? Ok. But why the same cabin?

I took the file and sat in my chair. It’s the file which tells about the land on which the project was going to start tomorrow. Brother informed me about a man name ‘Mr. Martin’ who’s in charge of this project. Without turning my head I looked at Loren from the corner of my eye, he was reading a book.

That’s good.

I made a call to Mr. Martin and within a couple of minutes, there was a knock on the door.

“Enter,” I answered.

A man with short gray hair, barely visible eyebrows on round eyes, an over-projected nose, and smear lips entered. He’s fat to have double chin not too fat as his stomach shows before him when you see from the side but fat enough that cannot button the coat. He heavily took a seat. I turned towards him resting my folded arms on the table and asked.

“Mr. Martin I get to know that you are the in charge of the new construction project.”

As I spoke Loren sighed while closing the book which he was reading.

What’s with him?  

“Yes.” He answered quickly.

“So Mr. Martin may I see what have you done so far.” I tried to speak more like an adult employer. So that he does not sigh at my words!

“Yes, Miss. I ask John to prepare the papers.” He said after clearing his throat.

John Anderson. The young man from before.

“I know about those papers, Mister. I am asking what you have done.” I said stressing on ‘you’.

“I ask him to do.” He replied confusingly.

Can’t you get what I mean? Your work Mister, not his.

I tapped the ballpoint pen on the table which makes a click sound. This man is building up my anger.

He is just throwing work on others.

“I mean what you have done apart from ordering Mr. Anderson,” I said serenely.

“I. well. It’s his work to do.” He stammered while finding words to speak.

I want to replace his in charge ship to John.

Am I eligible to do that? Can I?

I was in my thoughts when Loren stood up from his chair and walked towards us. Putting a hand on the table beside he bend to face Mr. Martin. Taking the pen from my hand he wrote something on the note sheet. 

Why take a pen from me? Can’t you see a pen stand on your right?

I wanted to say it out loud but didn’t – no arguments between partners.

What is he writing?

After completing, he asked me to authorize it with a stamp. I slid opened the table drawer and saw stamps, where the name of my mother and brother were engraved on it. I stamped the letter with ‘Admund Troustkey.’

“Thank you, Mr. Martin, for your corporation. You may leave now.” Loren straightened himself and folded the letter into three halves.

Mr. Martin stood up and left without saying anything.

Loren called uncle by tapping the table bell. Handling him the letter he asked him to pass it to Mr. Anderson and Mr. Martin.

When I asked Loren what did the letter say. He said: it contains a note which says that Mr. Martin has been removed from his in charge ship due to his non-participation at work and from now onwards Mr. Anderson will be handling the project.

There was silence in the cabin and my mind started wandering things. I was thinking about the kid ‘Luke’. There were different people in the world that has their own problem, happiness and the way of leaving. Here again, I lost in my thoughts.


Standing on square feet of ground, 
have you ever bothered to look around? 
Some are delighted, while few are dejected, 
with all kinds of thick and thin. 
We act, others watched, 
none notice to give a thought. 
People are perplexing with vivid memory, 
we often spend time in solitary. 
Respect is all for the gentry, whether they are decent or sordid.
No one even glances at Spartan yet being so splendid. 
We laugh with cheer and cry with forlorn, 
many listen to but few responses. 
There are different kinds of people with each new sign, 
some are black while others are white, 
but all are of one humankind. 
At last, we exist from the same world which is differently designed.

“Miss Troustkey?” Loren’s voice broke my thoughts. I turned to face him and answered. “Yes?”

“Bring that file to me.” He pointed to the file in front of me which uncle brought.

“Take it by yourself.” C’mon can’t he walk three steps.

“Maybe you forget. Let me remind you I am your si-” Before he could finish. I cut him off.

“I do remember.” I said and slid the file on the table from my side to his.” No way I am going to walk towards him with a file in my hand.

“Have some manners Miss. Troustkey.” He picked up the file and started reading it.

“Sure. Why not sir?” I said sarcastically which made him smirk a little.

This man!



Stars shine bright high up the sky, 
spreading its light making the world so bright. 
Though they cannot vanish the complete darkness of night, 
they twinkle to show the presence of light. 
A little creature GLOW WORM just like a star, 
having a torch on its tail which sparks. 
Traveling from one place to another with its blazing tail, 
stimulating its flare burning murky veil. 
Kenning, it cannot evaporate the gloomy air, 
Faire its glow calling others from the lair. 
They all glint together lightning up the bay, 
shattering the darkness from the place they stay.

book, fiction story


Full book availaible on Amazon Kindle

The deal

“Miss. Troustkey?” The word came out of his mouth in astonishment.

“How did you know that? I hid my face.” I asked stamping the book on my laps whilst gesticulating my face.

“By your hair.” He abruptly said without any thought.


By my hair? Really?

He ignored my question by asking his. “What are you doing here?”

I stood up, straightened the creases of my T-shirt and stretched my arm towards him.

“Hello, Mr. Loren Blake,” I said in a cold calm voice.

He wrinkled his brows while looking at my hand.

Shake it already!!! Stop thinking.

He shook my hand whiles staring me and said. 
“Nice to meet you, Miss. Levy Troustkey.”

“Have your seat Mister and let’s sign the deal,” I said turning away from him to the table.

“Sorry I am not going to sign the deal with you.” He shoved his hands in his trousers pockets and turned to leave.

What? Why? Don’t you dare to leave it’s my office, not your class!

I suddenly walked in front of him to stop him. “Why not?” I asked keeping my voice as calm as I could and looked straight into his eyes.

“I don’t want to. That’s it.” He stepped aside to walk further.

I didn’t move from my spot and spoke to his back. “You should have a valid reason to cancel this contract.”

This made him turned and marched towards me, too close might I add. Keeping only an inch distance between us he spoke while shifting his eyes down to meet mine. “I don’t sign deals with kids.”

What the hell!!

I am not a kid! You are not much older than me. Look more like a student rather than a lecturer and calling me a kid.

I controlled my mind by repeatedly asking myself to keep calm.

“That is not a valid reason,” I said calmly. “There is nothing illegitimate about our contract.” I supplied ignoring how close we were.

This made him stop and stands for a while.

“If you agree on something which I ask, I will accept this contract.” He said, standing close and gazing into my eyes.

I have to agree, what if he says I am not legally mature to make contracts.

“What is it?” I asked, not breaking our eye contact.

“As I don’t want a kid to be an equal partner of mine. Over the top the one who is my student.” He said, cold as always.

“But this is a 50-50 contract.” I didn’t know what he means.

“I know.” He bends a little to face me.

I inched a bit back as he was getting too close. I was able to inch just a little then my shoes hit the bottom of the table.

“Call me sir.” He demanded.

“What?” I heard it correct. Yet asked again to make sure did I hear correct?

“Don’t your thick head get things at once?” He asked furrowing his eyebrows without moving his gaze from mine.

No way am going to call him sir. Thick head! It’s the second time he said that. What does he think of himself?

I cleared my throat and spoke.

“Firstly, I’m not going to call you sir. I’m not your slave to do so. And secondly, I don’t have a thick head.” I protested.

“Slave? Seeing a word by its abbreviation.” He said quirking a brow. “Your thick head has a little knowledge in it.”

This time he inched more while the corner of his perfect lips shifted to a smirk.

Move back, Mister.

“Yes, I do see a word by its meaning,” I said, trying not to fall into his gaze.

(S.I.R = Slave – I – Remain)

He got closer and closer and stooped near my ear while keeping his hands on the table either side of me. Where I could feel his lips brushed against my earlobe as he spoke in a low deep voice.

“If you don’t, I’ll cancel this deal.”

No! I can’t let this happen.

My heart started to race at our close proximity. I could feel his torso touching mine where his head remains on my shoulder waiting for an answer.

My hands automatically moved to his chest in protest to push him back. I could feel the warmth of this chest against my palms.

This is getting worse.

Move. Move. Move. 
I should answer him quickly.

“Fine! Whatever you say.” I said while trying to push him away.

After listening to my answer he shifted himself straight and took a step back. I sighed heavily as he moved but was frozen at my spot. What was that? Why did he act this way? Questions were popping into my mind.

He cleared his throat which brought me to the reality from my thinking state.

“Start your service from tomorrow…my slave.” He spoke each word in a low seductive voice and marched out. His words cause the hair on my nape to rise.

My slave? I am not your slave!

I stood there for a while. My eyes surveyed uncle but couldn’t find him. Meanwhile, I saw two more doors in my cabin one leads to uncle’s cabin and another was a washroom. I hit the table bell. Uncle entered as soon as the bell rang.

“Yes, Miss. Troustkey.” He said while holding the doorknob.

“Where were you?” I asked while walking towards him.

“I got a call.” He said nonchalantly.

You shouldn’t have left me alone.

“What happened to the deal?” He walked in and took a seat on the sofa.

His words prompted up everything which happened a while ago. I shook my head and answered him. “It went fine and tomorrow he is going to come for paperwork.”

“That’s good. Now go home it’s already late and dress well tomorrow.” He stood up to leave as well.

I was home at 9:50. Lethargically walked into my room where Adam was already sitting on my bed.

“Had you talk with brother?” He asked curiously.

“Yes, I did.” I laid on my bed heavily staring at the ceiling.

He crawled towards me, bends his head above my face and asked. “What did he say? Are you grounded?”

“Probably. College to work, work to home.” I muttered. “And we’re being watched from now onwards like an eagle’s eye.”

He laid beside me. We were quiet for a while until Adam’s hand fall on my stomach.

“Ouch!” He slept already and I was wide awake, unable to sleep. The moment I shut my eyes, Loren’s face was pictured in it.

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. I need to sleep.

Time passed by an hour after another unable to sleep. I woke up to the sound of my phone, my hand searched for the phone with half opened eyes to shut it.

It’s a morning alarm.

When did I sleep?

After morning routine. I was in college where Jacob has been already in class. How?

“Early today?” I asked and sat beside him.

“Yes. To do physics work.” He said looking at the book.

“Got anything?” I bend my head to look into his face.

“No.” He turned towards me with puppy dog’s eyes.

“Here.” I handed him my book.

I did my work this morning.

He stretched his arms to hug me with a huge thank you smile. I hit his head with the book.

“Ouch! That hurts.” He said while rubbing his hand on his head.

“Yes. Physics is heavy.” I said with pitiful eyes.

“No. You hit hard.”

My eyes shifted to the door as Loren entered and moved along with him. He stood behind the table and started teaching.

Don’t look at him, Levy. Don’t don’t.

I looked at him during the whole class despite my inner voice. Observing his every move, the way he explains writes and reads everything. I shifted my gaze as soon as it met his.

After class Loren asked me to bring our books to his cabin. I protested by saying I am not a class representative to do so while his response was “I am your sir. You have to obey me.” This brought chill all over my body. His words were normal to everyone, but me.

What does he plan to do? Do I have to serve him?

I walked to his cabin lost in my thoughts. Knocked and entered. I saw Afrodoid was asking some questions with Loren, coquettishly.


I cleared my throat which made both of them to turn towards me.

“Come in, Miss. Troustkey.” He said while explaining her.

I entered and kept the books on the table while Afrodoid was throwing daggers at me.

Oh! I ruined her little romance aura here.

Was Loren enjoying it?

Why am I even bothering about it?

I ignored and walked out. He didn’t stop me.

He was normal today.

Classes went on as usual and lunch started. I called Lady Anna to remind her to pick Adam from the school. She was already there. Much responsible than me.

While I was walking towards the class I saw Jael. She waved her hand as soon as she saw me.

“Hey!” I said.

“Hi! Levy.” She walked towards me with a huge smile on her face and asked. “Can we have lunch together?”

“Ok. As long as it’s in class.” I said without thinking that I am being rude.

“Oh!” She paused for a while then supplied. “Fine with me.”

We had our lunch while she was speaking about herself and asked about me. She’s the one who was talking and asking while I was listening and responding. I am not good at having conversations.

Jacob entered.

“Hey, Jacob. Meet Jeal,” I said while smirking at him.

“Hello.” He said while stretching his arm towards her. Completely ignoring my smirk.

She smiled and shook his hand. 
The rest of the day went quickly.

College ends.



Standing on square feet of ground, 
have you ever bothered to look around? 
Some are delighted, while few are dejected, 
with all kinds of thick and thin. 
We act, others watched, 
none notice to give a thought. 
People are perplexing with vivid memory, 
we often spend time in solitary. 
Respect is all for the gentry, whether they are decent or sordid.
No one even glances at Spartan yet being so splendid. 
We laugh with cheer and cry with forlorn, 
many listen to but few responses. 
There are different kinds of people with each new sign, 
some are black while others are white, 
but all are of one humankind. 
At last, we exist from the same world which is differently designed.

book, fiction story


Full book availaible on Amazon Kindle

A race

I woke up yawning. As I straightened myself, a coat slid off my shoulders. 
“Huh?” I removed the coat. Who put this?

Oh! It’s Loren’s. Was I cold? 
How long did I sleep?

It smells like cold cologne

Why am I thinking about its smell?

I wandered my eyes around but Loren was nowhere to be found.

I stood up and folded his coat neatly. Taking a piece of paper, I wrote ‘Thank you’ on it. Keeping both the things on the table beneath a paperweight I left his cabin.

Which class is it now? I took out my phone to see the time it’s 2:34.

Oh my goodness! I slept for too long.

Thank God I asked Lady Anna this morning to pick Adam from school.

“Levy!” Jacob called with concern in his eyes.

“Hey! Jacob.” I waved my hand at him.

“Are you alright? And who slap you?” He was worried.

“Slap? No one,” I replied, mirroring his aspects.

“Your left cheek is red.” He poked my cheek.

A bruise mark.

“Oh! That. I slept on a book.” I said while slapping the back of his hand.

“Oh! Good morning.” He grimaced while folding his hand over his chest.

“It’s already afternoon Jake,” I said placidly.

I, sometimes call him Jake whenever he acts like a child.

“Because of you.” He pointed finger at me. “I did a single problem 3 times.” And snapped.

“And how is that because of me?”
I asked quirking my right brow.

“Simple. You slept and I couldn’t copy from you.” He cocked his head in disappointment like it’s a matter of fact.


“At least you get something in your head.” I waved the matter in the air.

“Where were you yesterday? I came to your house.” He was back to normal.

I can’t say I am going to the office.

“I was having some work,” I said nonchalantly. “Admund’s work.” Then added to make it more loyal.

“Ok, guess what?” He asked with excitement.

“What? A race?” I guessed.

“Exactly. And you’re coming,” He 

“Sure! I am not going to miss your race.” I walked to the washroom with a quick bye to Jacob.

I have to see how this bruise is looking. 
Jacob is a car racer. He won’t race professionally. But compete with different colleges and participates in different race competitions. Where his mother is a pianist and father is a writer. He had an older brother and a younger sister.

A perfect family I guess.

While I was looking at my red reflected cheek in the mirror, someone said ‘hey’. I turned to see who?

It’s a ‘red end hair’ girl.

What was her name? Did she even tell her name?

“Hi!” I replied.

“Woah! Who slap you?” She asked surprisingly.

C’mon you too. Jacob ditto!!

“No one, I just slept on a book which caused this bruise,” I said while arranging my hair to hide it.

“I see.” She turned towards the mirror and supplied. “We don’t have any other classes common except language.” While coloring her lips red.

“Are you new here?” I asked.

“Yes.” She responded.

Does she have friends?

I thought to ask but didn’t.

“Can we be friends as I don’t have any.” She said while turning her heels towards me.

“Sure, Jacob will be glad to meet you.” I fluttered words not knowing how to respond.

“Jacob?” she raised her perfectly sharp brow.

“A friend of mine,” I said while making myself ready to leave.

“Oh! I will be glad too.” She stretched her hand towards me. “I am Jael, Jael Russel.”

I shook her hand “I am Levy Troustkey.”

I nodded and left the washroom with ‘bye’ while she replied ‘see you’.

After a class, college ends.

Brother told that today a person will visit us to have a deal with our company. He wants this deal to be accepted at any cost. Else there will be a great loss.

I don’t understand much about such profit – loss things. I am just doing what brother’s saying.

When I got home Adam was already there, thanks to Lady Anna. I went to my room, had a bath and dressed in black jeans paired up with a white short-sleeved T-shirt and a gray jacket.

While I was having lunch Adam spoke “Hey levy! Jacob visited yesterday when you’re out.”

“I know. And good news for you.” I said with a smile.

“What? What?” He asked with full of excitement.

“We are invited to watch Jacob’s race,” I said while keeping my plate in the sink.

“Today?” He asked with eagerness. 
“Yes,” I said. “Get ready.”

He had a craze for cars and wants to become a racer. He is actually a fan of Jacob’s racing.

Office work was at 8’O clock. So, I have a lot of time. Adam was ready in 5 minutes.

“Are we going to take the straight long route?” He asked while walking towards the door.

“Yes,” I said while smirking.

“Woah!” He hurried towards the door. “And when are you going to ask brother about Aventador.” He supplied.

It’s one of our favorite cars.

“He already told I have to be eighteen for that,” I said while sitting in the car. He sat too.

“You’re growing too slow Levy.” He said and folded his hands over his chest.

“That doesn’t make any sense and put your seat belt.” I threw my phone towards him.

He grabbed it and on the stopwatch.

Whenever we go to watch Jacob’s race, we use to race through time and try to beat our last record.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Ready.” he nodded.

I accelerated my car and here we go.

I was speeding up the car while Adam was watching the stopwatch and the speedometer.

“C’mon Levy break the last record.” He shouted. “Cross 110 cross 110.”

“Be quiet.” He was distracting me.

I crossed 110, now our speed was 115 kilometers per hour.

“1. Signal broke.” He started calculating Challans

“2. Crossed the limited speed.”

“3. Another signal broke”

“Oh no.” A goods carrier was crossing the road.

“Overtake it Levy from the right. Don’t let it pass before us.” Adam was shouting with excitement.

“That’s dangerous Adam,” I exclaimed.

“No – No. You can do it. Don’t let it pass.”

“Just keep your mouth shut,” I said in a worried voice.

He kept quiet.

I slowed down my car and let the carrier passed. Then crossed the road by overtaking another car.

“4.overtake.” he continued.

We arrived in 15 minutes. Where the actual distance was about 40 minutes. 
“It was fun.” Adam said while looking at the stopwatch.” You could have reach 120 if you hadn’t slowed down.” 
“And we could have been crushed by the carrier by now.” I ended his sentence.

My phone started ringing with the notification of Challans.

Adam was reading them.

“15.86$ for 4 Challans.” He read the total amount.

Then my phone rang.

“It’s a brother.” He threw the phone at me.

“Why so scared?” I took a hold of my phone and received it.

“Hello,” I said keeping my voice calm.

“What’s with these Challans!!” He shouted.

“What? How to did you know that?” I question him back.

Exactly how? He never knew it before, but how now.

‘I am so scared now’ my heart feels out my chest and hands turned sweaty.

“Explain Levy!” He said in a cold scary voice.

“How did you know?” I asked out of curiosity.

“I linked your emails and contacts with mine.” He answered.

“But why? And when?”

“Since yesterday. I should have done this before.”

What should I say now? And why did he link?

“I- we-I, actually – it’s.” I tried to explain but couldn’t come up with any words. “I am sorry.” And ended up apologizing.

“Where are you now?” he asked angrily.

“At the stadium to watch the race,” I said in a low voice almost murmured. 
“We are going to have a conversation when you are back.” He hung off the phone.

Shit! Now what? 
Will I be grounded?

What did he says?” Adam asked.

“We are in big trouble,” I answered.

“Wait – wait. We? You levy not we just you.” Adam said furrowing his eyebrows.

“Mr. Reporter! You never report this to brother as it’s your work to do. You’re an equal partner in this crime.” I said with a fake smile.

“Busted!!” He said throwing his hands in the air.

I didn’t concentrate on the race as my mind was spacing out on how brother would react? What will he do? Will he allow me to drive again?

Now Aventador is only a dream. I sighed.

Raced finished at 7:30.


Asking Jacob to drop Adam home, I hurried to the office.

I took the personal elevator which landed me directly in my office cabin. Uncle Wilson was already waiting for me while looking at his wristwatch.

“Uncle-” I tried to speak but was cut off by his words.

“Where were you, Miss. Troustkey? And what’s with this outfit?”

I glanced at myself.


All mistakes at once.

“Don’t worry,” I said calmly.

I have a plan.

I sat on the chair showing its back to hide behind it and was waiting for the dealer to come.

After 5-10 minutes someone knocked.

“Come in,” I answered without turning my chair.

“Excuse me miss. I came here to conduct a deal with your company.”

“I know. Take your seat.” I said without turning my chair.

I heard his voice somewhere. But where?

“Will you please turn around miss?” The voice said.

I know this voice, who is it?

No! I mean let’s have a conversation in this way,” I protested.

“I have to know who you are before signing a deal,” He responded.

I remembered. OH! GOD!! 
It’s Loren’s voice.

Uncle was going to respond to him by saying my name. But I stopped him by sign language. Making a cross with my hands. He understood and stayed quiet.


“Let’s first confirm the deal and have paperwork tomorrow. You can see my name which will be displayed in the papers.” I made up something to convince him.

“No. That’s not how things work.” He said and turned my chair.

I quickly took an opened book to hide my face.

“Miss Troustkey?”